The Industry’s Best Automotive Loyalty Rewards Program

The Industry’s Best Automotive Loyalty Rewards Program

LoyaltyTrac® is a fully-customizable rewards platform built for repair shops, tire stores, & lube centers, proven to increase service retention and profits.

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LoyaltyTrac® is a fully-customizable rewards platform built for repair shops, tire stores, & lube centers, proven to increase service retention and profits.

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About LoyaltyTrac Rewards

There Is No Better Way to Increase Service Retention Than a Well-Tuned Customer Loyalty Program

You need a way to build service retention – profitably. Start enrolling every customer and watch your retention rate skyrocket: up to 45-65%. You’ll see a significant rise in service visits and gross margins while slashing your customer acquisition costs.

The Network

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LoyaltyTrac Features

Next-Generation Rewards

LoyaltyTrac is a modern rewards & retention platform designed for maximum ease-of-use and profitablity – at a surprisingly affordable price.

Generate More Service Visits & Upsell Opportunities

LoyaltyTrac is a captive service program. Your members can earn & redeem rewards ONLY at your store(s). You can expect service retention rates that exceed 70% and to generate tens of thousands of dollars in additional service revenue each month by following our best practices. Your branding on emails and text messages drive customers back to your shop.

Next-Generation Rewards

Fully Customizable – No Cookie Cutters Here!

With LoyaltyTrac you’re in complete control. You choose the membership levels, you set the rewards earning & redemption rates, you determine which customers to enroll, you decide if you want to sell memberships, and most important: you choose your rewards currency: dollars or points.

Next-Generation Rewards

Your Rewards Program on AutoPilot

LoyaltyTrac can be fully automated. Forget manually recording customer purchases or lengthy enrollment forms. Get every customer enrollment, purchase and redemption processed automatically with our patent-pending POS integration technology or connect to our RESTful API. Service Writers love us because we make their jobs easier. You and your members get beautiful modern web sites and apps to interact with your program.

Next-Generation Rewards

Unmatched Ease of Use & Support

You are experts at servicing cars. We are experts at running successful Loyalty programs – so leave the setup and support to us. We’ll build your program, create beautiful POS materials and email reminders, and even handle your customer support. Be up and running in as little as one week.

Next-Generation Rewards

Top Features

These are LoyaltyTrac’s top features – and there are plenty more.
New features are being added all the time, typically at no extra cost to existing clients.

Fully Customizable

Get full control of your program. Choose rewards, membership types and earning & redemption rates.

SMS/DMS Integrated

Eliminate data entry. R&R and CDK certified. ShopBoss & 60+ other SMS/DMS supported.


Securely access LoyaltyTrac from anywhere on any device with any browser. 99.9% uptime.

Member Mobile App & Web Portal

Get a branded mobile app and web site for your customers to manage their loyalty account.

Targeted Custom Emails

Let our marketing team create and send beautiful, targeted emails campaigns proven to drive results

SMS Text Messaging

Send automated, timely updates and reminders to your customer’s phones without lifting a finger.

Detailed Reports & Analytics

Easily know who your best customers are and how well your program is performing. Dig into your data.

Stellar Member Support

Need help supporting your customers? No problem, we handle it all for you.

Prepaid Maintenance Add-On

Sell your own in-house PPM plans to generate guaranteed service appointments. Fully customized.

Real Results

Get Results with LoyaltyTrac

LoyaltyTrac generates more service opportunities and revenue for your shop every month.
The more customers you enroll, the better results you’ll get.


Service Retention


Increase in annual service visits

Up to 2X

Increase in annual member spend


Increase in referral activity


Increase in revenue by eliminating discounts


Increase in upsell rate when tied to rewards

Happy Customers

Nice Things Clients Say About LoyaltyTrac

Customer-pay revenue is up 30% this year over last year and last year was our best CP year ever! My gross profit per month has doubled while on the LoyaltyTrac program.

Tom Kashman (Tom Wood Ford)
Tom Kashman (Tom Wood Ford)

Performance Loyalty Group has been a great partner for our business. They work very hard to provide quality products and services. The staff are very professional and are always very responsive in providing whatever we need. We have been with them almost 5 years so far and both LoyaltyTrac and UltraCare provide great results for our company.

Arnie Dempsey (Dempsey's Service Center)
Arnie Dempsey (Dempsey’s Service Center)

By more precisely marketing our services to customers, we were able to reduce our advertising costs by more than $120,000 per year. The gains are significant and measurable.

Jim Crutcher (Berge Ford)
Jim Crutcher (Berge Ford)

We started our LoyaltyTrac program with 12 email addresses and now have over 90,000 members we email regularly. Members comprise 65% of invoices and spend 10% more per transaction than non-members. I can’t tell you how wonderful it has been to work with all of you. You have a great team, innovative business model, and fantastic customer service.

Cindy Burdette (The Lube Center)
Cindy Burdette (The Lube Center)

We were looking for an advantage against other dealers, to keep our customers returning here, increasing their service visit count and amount of their service dollar they spend with us. Because of LoyaltyTrac, our service visitations more than doubled and customer-pay spend increased from $207 to $222 per repair order.

Roy Reynolds (Richfield Bloomington Honda)
Roy Reynolds (Richfield Bloomington Honda)
How Much?

Promotional Program Pricing

We keep our pricing simple and transparent. Network Members save 25% off standard retail price.    We offer a simple, no-risk, month-to-month agreement and guarantee you won’t find a better deal   (or rewards program) anywhere.


from $ 359 /mo

Dollars or Points Rewards Engine
Customizable Rewards
Program Admin Web Portal
Member Web Portal
Member Account eStatements
Up to 2,500 Members Max
Membership Cards: $0.75 ea

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from $ 479 /mo

Multi-Store Group Support
On-Demand Email Template Library
Triggered Surveys with AutoNotify
Standard Member iPhone App
Unlimited Members
Add POS/DMS Integration: $79
Membership Cards: $0.60 ea

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from $ 599 /mo

DMS/POS Integration (if available)
Unlimited Custom Email Campaigns
Custom Branded iPhone App
Member Text Messaging
iBeacon Location-Based Rewards
Platform API Access
Membership Cards: FREE

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LoyaltyTrac Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you can't find an answer to your question here.

Do I get to create my own rewards packages?

Absolutely, this is your program! You get to choose the membership levels (create as many as you need), reward earning and redemption rates, and all available rewards – from free oil changes to rewards dollars to movie tickets.

Do I have to use points as rewards?

No, you can choose points or rewards dollars as your rewards “currency.” Most new clients choose rewards dollars because they are easier to explain, offer greater flexibility, and are more profitable when used to combat cash discounts.

How do I track what my members spend?

LoyaltyTrac can be fully automated with POS or API integration. Your closed repair orders will be processed nightly and converted into rewards.  Fast and easy manual entry also available when POS or API integration is not possible.

What is the redemption process?

With LoyaltyTrac, your members can view and print rewards from the member web site or iOS app. Your employees can look up and validate redemptions from the easy-to-use program admin portal or tracked via SMS/DMS integration.

Can memberships be used at all stores in our auto group?

Yes, if that is the way you want the program set up. Customers can earn and redeem rewards at any store – or you could keep them separate. 

Do the rewards ever expire?

Yes, if you want them to. You choose the period of inactivity before their points or dollars automatically expire. This greatly reduces your future program liability.

Over 4 million members and $10 billion in spend tracked already with LoyaltyTrac. Why not start retaining more of your customers today?